5-in-1 Radio Frequency Mesotherapy Skin Rejuvenation Machine

Radio Frequency Mesotherapy Skin Rejuvenation Machined is designed to easily achieve Clearer and Smoother Skin.


1. Nonporous mesotherapy: using a special pulse occurred by the double-clicked current, directly lead the skin to need nutrients into the dermal layer of the skin, so you do not have to use surgery, can nourish the skin.
2.Electroporation import: through special current open the gap of the skin cells, making the effective skincare cream ingredients directly into the dermal layer.10 times increase absorption through the skin!
3. RF current: high-frequency electrical resistance heating, effective at improving skin deep relaxation, aging wrinkles, through the current effective promote lymphatic and blood circulation, body shaping, and other care.
4. The microwave pulse: using four levels of conduction and special pulse technology, the AC generates microwaves, sparking muscle contraction, Buddha muscle tissue, firm skin, restore elasticity.
5. LED phototherapy: LED phototherapy can effectively repair and healing the micro gaps of the electroporation, needle-free mesotherapy ultra-fine skin, the skin pores, and then import the wound period, calming anti-inflammatory effect.


✓ Material: Acrylic
✓ Power Source: Rechargeable Battery
✓ Type: RF & EMS Beauty Machine
✓ Manufacturing Process: Machine Made

Package Content:
— 1 X 5-in-1 Radio Frequency Mesotherapy Skin Rejuvenation Machine
— 1 X USB + Charger Base
— 1 X English Manual