Electric Spin Feather Duster

Electrostatically – charged bristles attract and trap dust making it the perfect ceiling fan cleaner, blind cleaner, mini blind duster, pet hair duster, cobweb duster, and baseboard cleaner.

Adjustable Electric Feather Duster Dirt Dust Brush Multifunctional Handle Cleaner House Furniture Blind Window Cleaning Tools
It can make the irregular dust removal work of louvers, tables, and chairs, more convenient and faster, and get rid of cleaner.
It can adjust the length so that the cleaning can be completed smoothly, and physical strength can be saved.


  • Dust gets everywhere. Feather dusters spread dust around. And cleaning with a cloth spray is backbreaking work.
  • Power clean your home quickly and easily with Hurricane Spin Duster™. The motorized dust wand does the hard work for you, eliminating dust in half the time.
  • Just press the button and start dusting! Evict those dust bunnies hiding in hard-to-read areas once and for all.
  • The super-soft dust heads are gentle for all surfaces and conform to fit any shape and space, making house cleaning a breeze.

✓ Material: ABS
✓ Size: Short Brush Length: 22cm/8.66"
✓ Machine Size: 23.5*60*42cm/9.25*23.62*16.54"
✓ Long Brush Length: 28cm/11.02"
✓ Extension Rod: 22.3*1cm/8.78*0.39"(2pcs)

— 2 X Electric Spin Feather Dusters
— 2 X Mini Dust Heads
— 1 X 18” Extension Rods