Faucet Dental Flosser

Water Dental Flosser Faucet Oral Irrigator is the perfect way to keep teeth clean and fresh after eating or any time of the day.


1. can adjust the pressure of water
2. provide not only single jet but also triple jet
3. the angle of the water jet is 90 degrees, which can help clean teeth better
4. unique right-angled jets can clean the neck of the innermost tooth
5. can 360 degrees rotation after installed.


✓ Power Source: Dry Battery
✓ Item Type: Oral Irrigator
✓ Material: ABS+PC+Stainless Steel

Package Content:
— 3 X Multi-jet Nozzle
— 3 X Single-jet Nozzle
— 1 X ABS Faucet Adapter
— 2 X Metal Faucet Adapter
— 1 X Storage Box
— 1 X Handle Set
— 1 X User Manual