LED Floating Globe World Map Magnetic Levitation Lamp

This amazing floating globe continuously revolves in mid-air, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!

The world map LED Floating Globe Lamp spins around using an electronically controlled magnetic system.

How to use:

1. Place the arched device on a flat surface and switch the power on. Hold the globe with your hand at the ends of your fingers and place the white stick on the base, at the top of the globe, as underprops. Then move the south pole of the globe vertically downwards.

2. Guide the globe to the center of the base slowly, moving it to the left and the right or front and back, to try to find that perfect levitation point.

3. When the globe is in a perfect position, you'll feel a strong force holding the globe in place. Move your hands away slowly, and watch as your globe floats in mid-air.

Once your gadget is levitating, give it a light spin and watch as it rotates all on its own. This mesmerizing, moving piece of art introduces your space to an inspiring and unique visual effect and the colorful LED light looks amazing in a dark room!

This nifty gadget makes a perfect decoration for a home or office desk. It also makes a wonderful educational gift for children!


Plastic & metal construction
Size of the C-ring: 7” x 7”
Globe is held by the frame in case of a power outage
Diameter of the globe: 3.5 inches
Powered by 12V DC Adapter
Levitating globe spins around the illuminated C-ring
Globe available in black, gold and blue color.